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Feasibility Study

  1. Current availability of local equipment, materials and supplies for all phases of the project development from groundbreaking through building (fixtures, roofing, etc.)   
  2. Raw materials availability (cement, gravel, water, sand, lumber, etc.)
  3. Housing stock analysis and community planning
  4. Industry and market analysis for the Empowerment commerce components
  5. Waste treatment analysis
  6. Power requirements analysis
  7. Road analysis
  8. Health care analysis
  9. Educational resource analysis
  10. Existing local manpower resources
  11. Land availability, location and current condition
  12. State of transportation infrastructure (roads, bridges, shipyards, airports, railways)
  13. State of utility infrastructure (water supply, electricity, waste treatment, sanitation, telecommunications) as it effects the Project sites
  14. Municipal planning issues
  15. Socio-political issues

The Feasibility Study is the initial activity performed in support of our empowerment strategy and  includes an initial Project Assessment Team to perform an in-depth analyses and create a detailed assessment of the best methods for the development of the an Infrastructure Project.  Additionally, it will also determine the specific nature and scope of the detailed Infrastructure Development Plan.   The Feasibility Study will therefore examine: