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Global Capital &  Investment Resources Group, LLC

International Financing

Infrastructure Funding


Global Capital & Investment Resources Group, LLC in conjunction with our partners, are able to arrange funding up to 100 % for setting up of Power Plants, Waste to Energy, Bio-mass, Geothermal, Hydro, wind, solar.etc via PPP method and minimum requested amount should be $100MIO & up.  This PPA, should be issued by BBB rated entity.

Interested parties should contact us for details.

World Trade-Import/Export  Financing


Our firm assists our global clientele by providing them, through our participating banks, with Letters of Credit or Documentary Letters Of Credit, for their needs to enable them to purchase commodities. This facility helps clients with confirmed orders. We are also engaged in finding markets for exporters of commodities like: Crude Oils, Agricultural Products, Consumer Goods, Scrap Metals, Diamonds (both rough and polished).


In addition, we arrange trade missions for registered clients, to meet with Businesses and Government officials in other countries to  negotiate and close transactions. And all our trades are conducted within the confines of  all applicable laws and regulations in both importing & exporting countries. Any interested clients should contact us. 

-->Transactions Successfully Closed

Small Business Funding


Our firm is now in position to arrange small business loans to interested clients, from $40,000 up to $5MIO. through one of our nation-wide funding partners. Interested clients like hair dressers, grocery stores, laundromats, etc. should contact us.