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Global Capital &  Investment Resources Group, LLC

Investment Banking Services

Bank Account Services


Our firm now has the capabilities through our European partner firm to open custodial accounts for clients with marketable securities or bank instruments, and need such accounts to bring into it under their own name and their own account, such instruments or bonds for monetization. Interested clients should call for our fee schedule.

SWIFT Services


Our firm through our participating partners and banks with Swift capabilities, provide this service to interested corporate clients in need of it for a fee.  This ability to send and receive messages is provided through the Society for Worldwide Interbank Financial Telecommunication (SWIFT)

Our group in conjunction with Hedge Funds, Major Security Brokerage Firms and Banks, assist high net worth groups, charities & Individuals and families, to enhance and preserve their wealth.


We also provide wealth management advice and estate planning through our partner firms and investment services to our global clientele.  With Global Capital & Investment Resources Group, LLC, you can count on our experienced expertise and advice on how to enhance the value of your resources and also diversify your portfolio for added financial benefits.