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Global Capital &  Investment Resources Group, LLC


On May 8, 2007 a  meeting was held among some of our partners at the New York

headquarters of GCRG among to discuss arranging loans for the Governments of

developing nations.  Those in attendance are shown below.

Standing left to right: 1) Dr. Paul Taillefer, 2) Mr, Pierre Taillefer, 3) Mr. Benedictus D.K. Ayitey,ISF,

Founder/Chairman/CEO/President of Global Capital Resources Group,LLC, (USA), 4) Mr. Marc  

Rodrigue, President of Noveus (Canada),  5) Mr. Gary Boge, President of Trimarro Homes Inc, (USA)

Seated: 1) Mr. James E. Ingram, President of  DesignRecycle Inc (USA) , 2) Mr. Moses  C.

Williamson-President of Tergamon LLC (USA)